Get paid early

Access your salary as soon as you earn it, without waiting for payday.

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Get your salary anytime

on the DapatGaji app

Request anytime

With a few clicks on the app

No interest, no hidden charges

Just a flat upfront admin fee

No impact to your credit rating

Earned wage access is not a loan

Direct into your bank account

1 - 2 days

Your money when you need it

To pay bills on time

Rent, electricity, water, school fees

For emergencies

Sometimes accidents happen

To buy essentials

Like food and medicine


Say hello to financial wellness

and goodbye to borrowings, high interests, and hidden fees.

No more informal lenders
at high interest rates

No more bank or
credit card overdrafts

No more awkward chats
to borrow money

Earned salary access

We work together with your Employer to give you this benefit

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Your earned salary increases everyday

Track it anytime on the DapatGaji app to know how much you can withdraw.

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Request anytime

Withdraw up to 50% of your earned salary and receive it into your bank account. We charge a small admin fee.

No interest, no hidden costs.

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On pay day

You'll receive your salary minus any earned-salary-request taken.

If your employer is a DapatGaji partner

Download the app and log in with your mobile number to get started

Want to use DapatGaji but your Employer is not a partner yet?

Let us know and we’ll get in touch with them

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