Better employee productivity, recruitment, and retention with DapatGaji.

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Your business benefits

When you put financial wellness in reach for your employees

Improve productivity

Free employees to focus on what matters for your business

Reduce turnover costs

Keep good talent and save on cost to recruit new hires

Company branding

Stand out as a progressive workplace in a competitive job market

Your employees will love it

Their salary direct into their bank account when they need it

No interest fees

Earned salary access is not a loan

No hidden charges

We only charge an upfront admin fee

No more informal lenders

At high interest rates

DapatGaji supplies the cash flow and manages the requests

We make it easy for you

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Set up your account

We'll work together with you to understand your payroll process and onboard your employees' information.

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Monitor in real time

We'll manage and process the requests. Employees will receive their requested amount minus a small admin fee.

You can view these transactions anytime. Add newly-hired employees so they can start enjoying this benefit too!

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Pay day as usual

Pay your employees their salary. Just remember to minus any earned salary amount taken and pay that to DapatGaji instead.

Example: If your employee earns RM2000 and withdrew RM500. On pay day, pay RM1500 to your employee and RM500 to DapatGaji.

Get DapatGaji for your business

Earned salary access can improve their lives

Their money when they need it, especially in times of emergency

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Malik struggles to get by. Further burdened by rising costs of living.

21% of M'sians live paycheck to paycheck


A medical emergency hits. To cope, he borrows money at a high cost and may not be legal.

52% struggle to raise RM1000 for an emergency


He stresses everyday on how to repay the high costs on top of daily bills to survive

71% stress about finances


His mental health impacts his productivity at the workplace - your business.

65% experienced a drop in work productivity due to financial stress

For illustration purpose. Data from Employment Hero (2022), Ringgit Plus (2021), BNM (2018), AKPK (2018). Images by storyset on Freepik.

Get DapatGaji for your business

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